Double quiver disinfection system

Recontamination protection and automatic disinfection time monitoring


For endoscope reprocessing the Otopront endoscopy center (2 or 4 LED light sources) already provides a recontamination protection through the use of our patented diving quiver and an automatic disinfection time monitoring.

When using a conventional quiver system it must be ensured that the immersed and then pulled-out optic is not getting in contact with the quiver’s edge, which could re-contaminate the optic.

The double quiver disinfection system aids the correct immersion of optical devicesPrecisely vertically guided by the inner quiver (diving quiver), contact of the optical device with the outer quiver (rinsing quiver) is avoided.  The inner quiver itself fully immerses in the disinfecting solution and is thereby also disinfected.

The endoscopy center can be equipped with a fully automatic system for a complete long-term documentation of the disinfection processes.

It is recognized which optics are disinfected, stored or used at which time. This data is documented on a readable memory, graphically processed and is accessible at any time.

So the processing of endoscopes by immersion disinfection is not only safer, but its proper execution will always be documented. 

Otopront can advise you on common rules and procedures for endoscope preparation and processing.